Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company

Ka Ho'a'o Lani

Turning the Beer World Upside-Down!
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Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company

After more than 3 years sitting idle, the brewery at Ward Centre is back online creating new and innovative beer styles for the people of Honolulu. Partners Frank Wenzl and Greg Yount formed Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company in 2012 and began efforts to revive the old Brew Moon brewery location.

Frank Wenzl founded Ali’i Brewing Company in 1993 and soon teamed up with Greg Yount to run operations at the Iwilei location. Ali’i was the original Micro-Brewery blazing new trails in Hawaii’s beer market, offering a variety of original styles. Frank went on to build out breweries in Majuro, Marshall Islands in 1996 and Koror, Palau in 1998. Greg became the brewer at Palau Brewing Company, Palau’s first brewery, in 1998. He ran operations there for over three years, before returning to Honolulu to take the position of Head Brewer at the Brew Moon Brewpub. Due to the economic slowdown, Brew Moon was forced to close its doors in 2009. The brewery restaurant was turned into night club and the beer making equipment sat idle in search of a savior.

One auspicious evening, Frank and Greg, sharing a constant passion for good beer, were walking past the brewery and noticed that renovations were taking place for the opening of Vice Honolulu. They inquired with ElementGroup as to the possibility of joining efforts to re-open the brewery. A partnership was agreed upon and the beer will start flowing in mid-August 2012.