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Ka Ho'a'o Lani

Turning the Beer World Upside-Down!
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Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company
HI Brew Lager HI Brew Lager - Dry, with a light hop presence and a crisp smooth finish. An everyday, anytime beer to quench the thirst from an active day in the sun. Hues inspired by the beaming rays over Leahi.
This is a dry light German style lager made with the finest barley, hops and yeast. There are no other ingredients added to spoil the purity of this beer. Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%
Diamond Head Gold Diamond Head Gold - Enter the lineup and wait patiently for a clean pour, then drop in for the energy of possibility. Clear the froth off the lip as you float in to a layback, relax a while, then kick out for another ride brewed in paradise.
This is a rich English style golden ale. Easy drinking and full flavored. Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%
Mango Wheat ALe Mango Wheat Ale - Unfiltered flavor, rich and unequaled body of an American Wheat Ale infused with the flavor of real Mangos. This unique brew will satisfy all in need of refreshment after a busy day in Hawai’i Nei.
Available for a limited time. Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%
Akamai Amber Ale Akamai Amber Ale - Dive head first into amber waves of proof. Reach for the wise grasp of knowledge, enabled by unobscured justice, to hold on to thy truths. The unquestionable path of enlightenment is at hand with this triple hopped, malty red substance. Be smart, responsibly.
This is an amber ale produced with the 2-row and crystal barley malts to achieve a rich, smooth flavor profile and radiant amber hue. Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%
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Lei O' Mano IPA Lei O' Mano IPA - An often miscalculated force as beautiful as a work of art. As a weapon with rich koa hues punctured by shark white edges, cutting clean lines through bitter fears. Brewers’ choice.
A traditional India Pale Ale style made with ample hops to achieve a full body and flavor with a rich golden color. Alcohol By Volume: 6.5%
Macadamia Nut Brown Ale Macadamia Nut Brown Ale - Warm, caramel tones with a rich essence of Macadamia nuts. A unique combination that will please the palette with the mild taste of roasted grains and the smooth flavor of Macadamia nuts throughout.
An English Nut Brown Ale made with a Hawaiian twist of real Macadamia Nut flavoring. Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%
Kona Coffee Stout Kona Coffee Stout - Flowing as smooth as Pahoehoe lava. Deep black and undulating with life, erupting with the riches of the dark earthen flavor from the newest land's world-renowned beans.
A full flavored, easy drinking Stout made with real Kona Coffee beans. Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%
Lei O' Mano Imperial IPA Lei O' Mano Imperial IPA - Double the malt, double the love, double the danger of our Lei O' Mano IPA.
Rich hop aroma and flavor balance this full flavored weapon of satisfaction. Careful, or you could get injured. Alcohol By Volume: 10.5%
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Ikaika Mea Inu Ikaika Mea Inu - Barley Wine Style Ale. Strong Drink. No mo' need talk.
An English Style Barley Wine formulated to keep you warm on those cold winter nights in the islands. Alcohol By Volume: 13.0%
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